Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Tank Design


November 15 2007 - Tank Design
Hopefully the new engine & sump system will be delivered tomorrow.  I still have various plumbing parts to buy, and the biggest of those is the tank.

Having extensively searched for a stock tank, i can't find one that achieves all my requirements.  I need:

I've just spent an hour designing a new tank for my dry sump system.  I'm planning on getting Pace to design it, and it will be up to them to design interior pipe terminations & baffling.


* To Fit in the car... very tight space between engine and my wide-track inboard ARB - this space is just over 4"
* To provide just over 5 litres capacity
* To provide better breathing with gearbox vented into tank (just in case)
* To provide optimum de-airation & surge resistance
* To be as tall as possible to help with surge resistance and de-airation.

As such, a normal cylinder just won't work, so i need something custom.  Pace engineering are *THE* people to use, total experts in tank design.  So i've drawn what i need and they're going to make it for me.

Here's the PDF of the design:

Click here

I've been asked whats the deal with the old engine? ... well the plan is to repair it as soon as I can next year, and sell it to recoup spent funds on the new engine.  Same goes with the dry sump system.