Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
First Track Day... DISASTER!


October 26 2007 - First Track Day... DISASTER!

7pm, On the way to Snetterton, with James following on the bike, clouds of smoke started pouring out of the car and James got covered in liquid. Luckily a service station was right there, so i pulled in and we ripped the bonnet off. Lots of smoke from the exhausts, and a puddle under the car... which turned out to be oil.

Very kindly a guy who works for Turbo Technics just happened to be in the same service centre, and he gave us his jack so we could the car in the air. After much fiddling about we eventually found the leak - right out of the spindle of the dry sump pump. Oh dear, a fatal problem. I called the AA and arranged a tow home.

2 and a half hours from home, the tow truck didn't arrive until 1am, and i didn't get home until 4am. What a nightmare! Off to the garage now to take the pump off and diagnose the problem.