Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Even more dash...


October 24 2007 - Even more dash...
Turns out the dash is faulty!  No wonder i can't make it work.  I plumbed in the oil & water temp sensors and was getting nothing at all.... so i had the bright idea of whacking them into the data logger directly instead, and Bingo!  Worked straight away.

So, we're almost ready for the track day on Saturday, the following items not working:

* Wheel speed   (but GPS speed odometer though)
* Fuel Level  (but i've got the temporary old gauge)
* Gear Position  (i'll go blind on this one, expect a few additional upshifts into 7th...8th...)
* Video Recording  (the PC keeps crashing, i'll resolve this soon)
* Accurate temperatures.  Whilst i have temps, they're totally uncalibrated!

So, despite it being a long list, its not unworkable, track day should be fine.

For some reason my battery keeps going flat too, probably the ridiculous amount of crap i've got plugged into the poor thing!