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Does the Hayabusa engine need any upgrading?


October 22 2007 - Does the Hayabusa engine need any upgrading?
The hayabusa engine is a solid little engine, and if treated right will give good service in totally standard form.  Mine is totally standard apart from the dry sump system.  Pistons and con-rods only need to be addressed if you start to upgrade the engine above 200bhp, especially 'violently' with turbo.  At the start of the project i thought i may go down this route, but plenty of horror stories later, and potential need to comply with racing formulae, and turbos are not a good option.  I was lucky to get an engine from a 900 mile 2006 bike, and i'd recommend similar - brand new is typically very expensive, I've heard £6000, so second hand is a good option - i paid £3200 including dry sump.