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Solution... and....Suspension Settings


October 15 2007 - Solution... and....Suspension Settings
I've been discussing the problems with starting on the forum, and they're pretty convinced its an earthing problem.  I don't actually have an earth strap from block to chassis, so this could be the problem.  Mike R7 WSC said:

Remember even with a bike engine you are looking for >100A which needs probably at least 25mm2 cable - all your cradle bolts with powder coated brakets etc may appear to give no real resistance to earth with a multimeter, but could still be significant - a starter motor drawing 100A at 12V has windings of 0.1 Ohm, so if you have even 0.1 Ohm through your earthing, the motor will only see 6V. (very approx, but you get the idea)

Also, Just received an email from Dave at the Race Car Doctor showing all settings.  He said in his email:

For Jeff, and anyone else who asked, here are all the settings..... Firstly his email said>>>

Reminder re a few things:

Bolt check at Snetterton, especially wishbones, engine mounts, diff mounts
(if you can get access)

185 tyres on the front

See how you feel the car handles, happy for you to phone me and I can talk
you though things.

21-23 PSI hot a good starting point

Once you are confident in the car and an get consistent lap times (this
might take some time), you can refine the set up using tyre temperatures -
you will need a temp gun to do this.
-2.0 -2.0
-1.5 -1.5

Front toe 20mins out
Rear toe 35 min in

Rideheight front 110mm (measured on 185/60 tyres)
Rideheight rear 135mm