Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Engine Problems


October 14 2007 - Engine Problems
I've got a starter problem for some reason. Basically, i hit the starter button and the relay clicks, but the motor doesn't turn. At the same time, the neutral and oil pressure warning lights go out, but the brake warning doesn't. Weird?

I've put a multimeter on the motor itself, and when starter button pressed, i get voltage (11 volts if i remember).

Totally stuck in a petrol station, we push started it, and that was fine - battery doesn't appear to be flat - headlights don't even dip when i hit the starter button.

This has happened 6 times, and getting worse, GRR! The fourth time, i stopped, and tried the starter, it worked perfectly 3 times in a row! Then an hour later, it didn't at all.

I then got a very charged very large battery and jumped onto the starter motor directly - and it wouldn't turn either! It maybe did a wheezy half turn.

So.... voltages as of tonight:

Battery: 11.79
With ignition on: 11.49
With starter applied: 4.2
With my charger on there: 12.0
My big battery voltage: 12.66

My last drive was 60 minutes, so it should have charged higher than 11.79? Directly after stopping, the starter had nothing.

Sorry, can't tell you the voltage with engine running, couldn't make it run! I've left it on trickle charge overnight.

* puzzled *

My conclusions (ish).....

1. That the battery just can't deliver the required load - this is proved by the fact my big battery achieves a half turn where my battery achieves none

2. That the starter is seized, or there's a hydraulic lock or something. Clearly i don't know what i'm talking about here!

It was so reliable, started on the button right up until yesterday! Help please :)

With my problems on starting i thought i'd fit the carputer... see pictures! Its a temporary fit because i'm waiting for the new dash parts to all arrive so i can fit that.