Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
DVLA Registration


October 9 2007 - DVLA Registration
I drove up to the garage in the pouring rain and got the engine number and Westfield receipts.

I put together a pack for the registration that included the following:

1. Receipts for Westfield Kit and Engine
2. Insurance Certificate
3. Declaration of Newness from Westfield
4. The years tax - only £115 per year for tax which is nice!
5. £50 registration fee
6. Driving License
7. SVA MAC Certificate
8. Form V55/4 registration form
9. Vehicle Build-Up Form detailing parts used

Once the forms were filled in, which took an hour, i drove the whole lot to the regional office in Brighton and submitted it.  The guy told me that the paperwork for kit cars is done on Thursdays, and i won't need an inspection.  Due to the postal strike he's going to give me a call on my mobile, so hopefully we're road legal on Thursday afternoon!

( Fingers crossed everything is in order, and i filled everything in correctly! )