Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Brands Visit


October 6 2007 - Brands Visit
Visited Brands Hatch to watch a few race series. We saw the Radical SR3 cup, the Junior Ginettas , the Mini Cooper Challenge and Westfield BARC championship.

Radicals are powered by a 1500cc version of the Hayabusa, and they are flame spitting monsters, absolutely amazing machines. Fastest lap was 44 seconds, and I want one!!

Minis were a little dull, they lapped at 55 seconds. Too quiet and not much action.

The Westy race was brilliant - they're only a low spec 1800cc Zetec, but they raced agressively. Three accidents, got a bit messy around Druids.

The megabusa needs to get on track soon... lets hope it passes SVA on monday!