Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
First bits


August 26 2007 - First bits
The goal of today is to do some bodywork, but that's more than a one man job. I decided to start on the seats and take the 'drilling' plunge. The bolts go right through the seat! I got these sorted, and the seats were ready to fit. I laid down the carpet and fitted the seats.

Harnesses are then fairly straight forward - hooks above and bolts below, all fixings welded in place.

The pedal box has needed sorting for ages, and now that i can sit in the car i can confidently do it. I had to chop 15mm off the brake master cylinder pushrod - scary! Once done, things are looking much better. I also adjusted the clutch to be lined up. Pedals now feel great, shame there's no fluid in the brake!

With about 5 people around, time to do the body! Today we get help from Marcus, the genius who welded the ally sump tank. Like a duck to water, he got cutting fibreglass and started fitting body sections.

Meanwhile, my scary job was to cut the exhaust hole. We made up cardboard templates, and marked the position using insulating tape on the chassis. We then masked the body, drew the hole, and started cutting. I cut it a little undersize and then trial fitted the exhausts - once happy smoothed it off. Its not perfect, but im pretty pleased.

Its been a long day, 30 degree temperatures and we're all knackered! Time to put everything away and get cracking again tomorrow.

Todays Build: 3 people, 9, 8, 3. Total build time so far: 99 hours, 154 man-hours.