Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Major Progress


August 20 2007 - Major Progress
Armed with the correct tool, i extracted the alternator & crankshaft position wheel. It was so tight, i snapped a screwdriver trying to lever it. Eventually it popped off! The new wheel went on with ease and I did the cover back up.

With that done, we lifted the engine back into place and James bolted it in. We re-ran the coolant pipes, fuel pipes, vacuum pipes. One of the coolant pipes snagged so we had to chop a couple of inches off it and re-route it.

We then sorted out the gear linkage, but unfortunately its not working as well as before, i think the quadrant is upside down, we'll sort that tomorrow.

I then fixed the ECU in place on the tray and set about making the wiring loom. I slowly worked from one end - i chose the throttle position & injectors... and slowly bundled more cables together until i had enough to put in some tubing and clip to the mounting.

Ask James why there's a picture of a slug...

On reflection, the wire routing in the engine bay is a mess, i think i'll re-do it tomorrow to make it neater.

Questions for westfield - what do the three spare connectors on the dash loom do? How do I wire in the alternator & tacho?

Todays Build: 2 people, 5 & 4 hours. Total build time so far: 68 hours, 97 man-hours.