Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Scratching for things to do ...


August 19 2007 - Scratching for things to do ...
First job was to sort out tracking, camber and caster on the front suspension. I have no proper equipment, so it was a spirit level / guessing effort. Once roughly correct, i tightened everything up and double checked all the other bits. James whacked a guestimate of preload onto the springs, and that's front pretty much finished now. I found a brace bar which isn't in the instructions, and figured it went across the tops of the top wishbones to help brace the ARB, we whacked it on. Slightly concerned about the coolant hose and its proximity to the ARB, I clipped it to the frame. Ready to go on its wheels and have the ride height set correctly.

I masked up enormous areas of the car, the engine, the dash, the frame, etc... and set to work spraying the insides black. Not really a priority job, but the silver has been bugging me. I'm pleased with the results!

I fitted the alloy tray for the ECU, Relays etc. It is fixed with self-tapping screws so it can be removed from under the passenger footwell for access. I plan to mount the laptop access cable below so you don't need to drop it, but you just never know.

James fitted the VIN plate... starting to feel like a real car! I guess it needs to, exactly one month to the SVA.

We tried to figure out how the seats fit, but can't work it out. In the most obvious position, the frame covers the harness holes - surely thats not right. An email to Westfield should sort this out!

Really scratching around for things to do, i thought i'd stick some SVA bolt covers on the front suspension!

I've just ordered some carpet, and a new switch for the horn and main beams. Hopefully tomorrow the ECU and replacement rotor will turn up... then it gets exciting! If everything goes to plan we'll have a running engine next week, but who am I kidding, when does anything ever go to plan?

Todays Build: 2 people, 7 & 3 hours. Total build time so far: 63 hours, 88 man-hours.