Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Odds & Sods


August 18 2007 - Odds & Sods
After a quick shopping trip, i arrived at the garage.

Armed with the correct spanner, i tried to get the alternator bell off. The bolt came out, but i don't have the tool for extracting the wheel- i'll try and get that on monday. Probably an M20 bolt would work.

I don't feel like I can do too many major things until ECU and gaskets turn up, so i decided to do some work on the paddle shift instead. I made up a rod, and fitted everything together. Unfortunately the boss of the steering wheel was binding very badly, and the paddle shift obscures the speedo & revs. Bugger... this means i'm going to switch to using the other paddle shift that I bought from Ebay. This is miles from fitting, so i ended up making a big shim to bolt the two together. A couple of hours and messing about and i'm pleased with the result. Obviously not connected to the engine, but it's fixed to the quadrant in the engine bay.

Next job is to finish the rear of the car. I trial fitted a wheel, partly to give me something to grab onto whilst torquing the drive bolts. I tightened all of these. I then disassembled the rear suspension as there were a couple of fixing nuts missing from the rose joints. I tried to get the toe & camber roughly looking OK, and i dialled a bit of preload into the spring so it doesn't all collapse when we lower the car. Fuel tank back in, and the rear of the car is truly finished-ish. Still missing calipers unfortunately, come on westfield!

Gave the electrics another test, everything working as expected including the fuel gauge reading a nice '0%'

The SVA appointment has turned up, 19th september, almost exactly a month.... YIKES! Better get on a mission next week I think.

Todays Build: 1 person, 6 hours. Total build time so far: 56 hours, 78 man-hours.