Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Moving Backwards


August 17 2007 - Moving Backwards
Unfortunately we're in a bit of a pickle, and need to do a lot of going backwards before we can go forwards again.

I decided to bite the bullet, and unbolt the engine in order to get the camshaft sensor replaced (when it turns up next week!). So I unbolted the 10-ish bolts holding the engine in, disconnected all the hoses (forgot that it was full of water and got wet socks!), disconnected wires, etc.... and then i managed to twist the engine enough to get to the alternator cover. I then unbolted the cover and heaved it off - incredible magnetic forces hold it on. Once looked inside - looks like i need a 32mm spanner which I don't have, so i'll have to go shopping tomorrow! Also I need some sort of extractor to thread in and pop the wheel off, i don't have one of those either which could be a bit challenging!

A bit stuck, i decided to finish the front anti-roll bar setup. Its a bit difficult to make it out on the photos, as there's a lot going on around the suspension now! The front ARB is particularly complex - a central bar goes across the car, and through a short linkage connects to a rocker thats mounted on the suspension arm. From here, a longer bar goes down to the lower shock mounting.

Its a bugger the ECU and new crank sensor haven't turned up, leaves a weekend without a great deal of direction! I guess we'll focus on torquing bolts, setting up suspension (ish) and a few other finishing off bits. Might even spray the inside of the car black.

Todays Build: 1 person, 4 hours. Total build time so far: 50 hours, 72 man-hours.