Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
New ECU Decision


August 16 2007 - New ECU Decision
After much discussion today, i decided to cancel the order for the Emerald ECU.  Amazingly they actually sounded relieved!

WSCC's forums helped me choose which one to go for instead... steve_m posted this:

Motec is good, nobody would disagree with that but at what cost ?  Do you need all those features and options and everything is an extra, it gets very expensive to map it too as they seen you coming.

I have an MBE 992 ECU from SBD, very good, also got the loom with it, excellent quality.  It will support flat shift, auto blip on down shift and even auto upshift at set rpm, traction control, launch control, will control fuel and water pumps, wastegate if you have one etc, nothing the Motec can't do but with MBE it's all in the price, all you pay for is the additional hardware you need.  The 992 was designed specifically for the busa, ask Steve about it if you're interested.

The 992 still needs the 24 tooth trigger wheel, you can either modify your 8 tooth wheel or get a 24 wheel as suggested.  Motec will work worth the 8 tooth wheel but I have read that 8 teeth really is too coarse for a modern ECU to work well with - don't know how true this is but nobody else seems happy with that few teeth.

An hour's chat with Steve at SBD and i placed the order.  He's supplying a new 24 tooth sensor on an exchange basis.