Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Engine Problems!


August 15 2007 - Engine Problems!
Engine Issues!

In order to sort the sump, Westfield are sending me replacement gaskets for the sump and the pipes coming off it.  I've also bought some new jubilee clips and silicone hose.

But... more seriously, Emerald say that the ECU will be delayed by *at least* 2 more weeks.  Basically they have completely failed to map a hayabusa that they have in the workshop currently.  Its all because of the 8 tooth crank pickup sensor.  This sensor is responsible for sending the ECU signals to say where the engine is in its cycle, and allow it to choose how to fuel the engine and fire the spark plugs.  Newer hayabusa engines usually have 24 tooth wheels fitted, but mine had an 8 tooth put on instead to allow it to work with an older ECU & Loom.  Sounds like i need to get hold of a 24 tooth wheel ASAP!

I won't be working on the car until Saturday, but sounds like there's not much rush - with the engine delayed by 2+ weeks, i'm going to fast run out of jobs!