Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Bits & Bobs..


August 4 2007 - Bits & Bobs..
I spent an hour shopping this morning trying to find more jubilee clips and some coolant hose. I eventually got these and headed to the garage for 10am.

First job was to make the radiator to engine connection fit ... i had to saw the westfield pipe up and connect using my hose. I then neatened all the other pipes, clipped everything into place, and we fitted the header tank - with the aid of an aluminium bracket which we quickly made. This was then filled with water... a leak fixed... and left overnight to see if it leaks.

Last night i realised i'd completely forgotten the fuel filter, so i fitted that next and re-routed pipes accordingly.

I fabricated some aluminium spacers for the oil radiator and got this fitted, i then connected the pipes up. I then filled the engine and oil reservoir with oil - i plan to leave this overnight to see if any leaks out. Initially all looks good. I turned the engine over a few times by connecting the starter motor to the battery to get things moving.

I properly fitted the steering rack, and the upper and lower steering columns. This all works very nicely!

We fitted the front upright assemblies and found we have a missing nut on the top - i'll have to call westfield about that on monday.

I trial-fitted the exhaust manifolds to check they fit... no problems here. I replaced the missing stud on the engine.

We then started to assemble the rear suspension and drive shafts - these were a bitch to get on - it took a good half an hour of swearing to get the rubber bushes over the shafts. Unfortunately this meant removing the fuel tank AGAIN!

I still haven't tightened those propshaft nuts!

Todays Build: 1 & 2 people, 5 hours. Total build time so far: 26 hours, 42 man-hours.