Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
After the instruction manual...


August 3 2007 - After the instruction manual...
Andy and I working this evening - got to the garage just before 5pm.

The instructions on the megabusa manual really have run out now... so i'm stuck between using the manual for the regular westfield SEi, and making it up as I go along.

First job was to fit the radiator. This required some shorter bolts than we had, so the vice and dremel came out to carve a longer one down.

We decided to put the main front suspension together so we could visualise the car and ensure the plumbing didn't get in the way. This was pretty straight forward, but we can't fit the shocks yet as they still haven't arrived.

Next came plumbing in the water system, and the top pipe went in with no problem, connecting the top of the radiator to the top of the engine. The lower pipe was not going to fit - it has to route around the modified oil sump pump, so we've abandoned that for tonight until I can visit Halfords! I then connected the water temp sensor into the wiring loom - see photo.

I remembered that we still hadn't filled the reverse box, or differential, so in went some EP80 Hypoid Gear Oil to both - filled until it oozed out, then the cap screwed on.

Next I fitted the oil reservoir tank and connected the lower pipe to the sump connection of the engine. The upper pipe then goes around to the oil cooler which sits in front of the radiator.

We then moved to the fuelling system, connecting the feed and return from the tank/pump to the fuel rail and pressure regulator. We found a nice place to put this, but the pipes don't reach - another halfords item.

I fitted a 'stop' to the clutch to stop it flopping forward - see the photo.

The oil cooler doesn't fit - the brackets are a good 10mm out, so i'm going to need to make some 'shim' washers to plug the gap - B&Q tomorrow then!

Its all coming together - as you can see from the photos, various zip ties are holding things in their locations until we've got it right and can finalise things. Also we seem to have copper grease all over everything!!

Todays Build: 2 people, 4 hours. Total build time so far: 21 hours, 34 man-hours.