Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
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August 2 2007 - More Stuff...
First job was to unbolt the rear diff mounts and replace them with the correct bolts, i'd accidentally used the propshaft bolts here. This was a pain to swap and I had to remove the fuel tank first.

To add to the unproductive start I then had to replace the nuts used on the brake master cylinder, as we'd accidentally used the BINX (metal locking) nuts which were needed for the propshaft. Whilst doing this I noticed that the bolts holding the clutch master cyllinder weren't fully going through the nylon of the nylock, so i replaced these with longer bolts.

Having got all that crap out of the way I decided to do something productive! I lifted the engine an inch and slipped in the lower engine mount. I then proceeded to drill 9 holes through the chassis to mount the engine. This took AGES and destroyed two drill bits... but eventually got this done and fitted all the bolts. The engine is in properly now!

Next I fitted the banjo bolt from the clutch line onto the slave cylinder, and fitted the clutch reservoir and pipe. That's all ready to fill and bleed now. i then fitted the 5/16" UNF bolt that i bought today into the clutch pedal, and the clutch mecahanism is fully working... except for the fact it flops forward. No idea why, but that can't be right!

I then ran the wiring loom front section across the engine mount and down to the front. Using my handly labeller i identified each plug on the loom and labelled them clearly.

Next job was to bolt the front propshaft to the engine output flange and torque them to the correct setting. Transmission now connected right through from the engine to the diff, ready to roll.

I got the radiator, cooling fan, oil cooler, and oil reservoir out and tried to work out where they... can't really work any of it out. I Think I'll ask westfield about that! I reckon that's about all for today, not as productive but got some stuff done. Finally, i decided i was fed up of not being able to find anything, so time to tidy up and re-organise tools!

Todays Build: 1 person, 4 hours. Total build time so far: 17 hours, 30 man-hours.