Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
More bits & Pieces...


August 1 2007 - More bits & Pieces...
On my own this evening, so decided to finish a few bits & pieces.

I started with the differential, which was a tight fit. Got the bits & pieces bolted in with the aid of a large rubber hammer!

Next was the rear drive shaft that connects the differential to the reverse gearbox. This weighs a ton and access is tight - from above only. Getting the bolts to the correct torque was very difficult, i needed to jam a screwdriver through the shaft to stop it turning. I marked each nut with a large marker once correctly tightened.

Then onto the reverse gearbox, this was a nightmare. I bolted it to the four black metal brackets and didn't tighten it up. I then fitted it to the chassis, and found it was a very tight fit, with the holes apparently not lining up. I got the two lower ones in, and then twenty minutes later managed to get the top ones in. Lots of hammering, levering, swearing... and bingo, in they went. I tightened everything up, and connected the other end of the driveshaft.

I then put the front driveshaft in its place, and hand tightened the nuts. I'm bored with doing up driveshaft bolts, so i'll save that job for tomorrow!

Next was the inertia fuel cut-off switch in the rear. I drilled a couple of holes and fitted it.... on the wrong side. Soon found that out when the fuel tank wouldn't fit. Flipped it over, then onto the fuel tank....

Fuel tank is pretty simple, it sits on foam strips and has two large straps around it. A couple of holes drilled in the correct place on the straps, then four bolts, and its fitted.

Final job is the fuel pump. I lined the bracket with foam tape, and drilled two holes through the chassis and the bracket. Made a beautiful job, and then realised it just wasn't going to fit and line up with the main fuel lines through the car. Had to re-drill the chassis and move it back about four inches. Not such a neat job second time, very hard to line up. Then i whacked all the pipes and jubilee clips on and tightened it all up. Rear plumbing complete! Finally i connected the wires for the fuel pump and the fuel tank level sender.

Phew! Not bad for an evening on my own... and damn, i forgot to eat anything, oops!

Todays Build: 1 person, 4 hours. Total build time so far: 13 hours, 26 man-hours.