Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Engine In!


July 31 2007 - Engine In!
We managed to get to the garage by 5pm and three of us set to work. Andy installed the wiring loom, whilst James and I installed the fusebox, finished brake pipes and installed the clutch master cylinder.

We attempted to fit the differential, but realised that the manual shows a completely different diff with completely different brackets. We figured most of it out, but as the picture shows, there's a gap to the left of the top mounting for something!

We then decided to prep the engine, so we strapped it to its three brackets and installed the clutch slave cylinder.

We spent ages constructing an over-elaborate engine scaffold to lift the engine into the car. Whilst debating this, Andy suggested that we just picked it up and whacked it in... so three of us lifted it and dropped it straight in. We then stood there a little awestruck about how easy that was!

Finally I fitted the mechanical oil pressure cable to make sure it fitted.

So the engine's in place, probably a bit ahead of schedule due to the diff and reversing box not being fitted, but we haven't bolted it down yet so its not a major issue. I'm going to email Westfield about the diff...

Meanwhile, back home, i'm discovering why mechanics have black hands all the time, I've changed my regular radox shower gel for fairy liquid!

Todays Build: 3 people, 4 hours. Total build time so far: 9 hours, 22 man-hours.

James ( )
The engine weighs absolutely nothing! If anybody building one of these is worried about being able to lift it in - dont! Peice of cake :)

Carl ( )
I wouldn't quite go that far... my back's killing me!!