Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Total Kit Car Live! Brands Hatch


June 2 2007 - Total Kit Car Live! Brands Hatch
We rode along to Brands Hatch to get some information and have some rides. I managed to go around in 2 cars:

Dax Rush MC Turbo. Oh my god this is fast, running around 300bhp, it took off leaving the pit lane, went sideways on every corner, and bottomed out on the long straight! The speedo didn't work, so I have no idea how fast we went, but i was shaking. All other cars literally disappeared so fast it was funny.

MK Sports Cars Indy. This was a fireblade engine producing around 100bhp. Once on the track it was fun, albeit a little slow. Pulling away it was gutless and really strained. I think we need more engine than this. Great value for a build of £7500 though!