Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Progress Update


July 11 2007 - Progress Update
  • The engine has been dispatched and should be delivered tomorrow, its a 2007 with 900 miles and a pre-fitted dry sump kit and oil cooler. I'm buying it from JeffC on the WSCC forum.

  • Because the engine doesn't come with a loom, i've decided to bite the bullet and fit an EMERALD M3D ECU. This is a fantastic unit, highly programmable. It should help get us through the SVA Emissions and also negates the need for a powercommander. It also makes the ATRE that i bought a total waste of time, but at least the gear position indicator should still work (Fingers Crossed).

  • The Emerald comes with a flying loom, but i still need all the connectors. I'm currently discussing this with who *might* be able to supply them... i'll send them some photos of the connectors tomorrow.

  • For the paddle-shift gear change, i've been trying to get hold of AB Performance and Stuart Taylor Motorsport, but neither of them answer the phone!