Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Blown engine...again


August 16 2008 - Blown engine...again
Engine Blown up (again)

Unfortunately a combination of oil starvation and overheating caused my engine to go pop at Rockingham. it's being rebuilt in the states at the moment, and re-bored out to 1598cc from 1548cc. That should give an extra 12bhp or so.

Meanwhile i'm working on the car to try and stop it happening again. My list of actiivties is roughly:

1. A lambda gauge, so i can check we're not ever running lean
2. Analogue temp gauges for water and oil
3. New high efficiency radiator
4. 40% bigger oil cooler
5. Ducting in and out of the radiator
6. New much bigger water pump, designed for V8 cars
7. Electronic water pump controller, runs the water for 2 mins after shutdown
8. New alloy header tank, accessible without removing nose cone

See the pics for progress so far on mounting the radiator and oil cooler, took pretty much all day! Tomorrow will be plumbing and making thermoplastic ducts.