Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Update & Race


July 12 2008 - Update & Race
I've been rubbish updating the site, here's a

list of what's happened:

* New springs
* New carbon tunnel cover
* New rollcage
* New carbon boot cover
* New camera mount
* Flappy paddle extensions for more leverage

And look what happened to my Audi tyre!
Race day at Lydden

A crazy day, more accidents than i have ever seen.

In first qualifying i beat my best lap time ever with a 43.9 which put me in 8th. I then finished the first race in 5th... probably mostly due to people crashing. Second race saw me spin off and finish 10th. Third race qualified 12th and finished 8th... but that one included radicals. Overall pretty successful - i was definitely the fastest car on road tyres.

Video of the first race: