Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
New Engine


June 23 2008 - New Engine
Jeff Cooper contacted me because he had decided to sell his 1548cc Hayabusa. This engine has had pretty much every component replaced, spec looks like this:

* Built by Karl of Extreme Engines
* Bored to 83mm
* Stroked, Billet Crank
* Uprated cams
* Steel Conrods
* Billet clutch basket

It cost over £11,000 to build this engine, and i got a bargain price of nowhere near that - we agreed a part exchange swap for my old engine.

I turned up at Jeff's and 2 other westfield owner's were on hand to help with the swap. Before doing anything we went out for a test drive, and i came back shaking - it is a totally different beast, scary power.... i can't wait.

With 2 Cars side by side, 4 guys working on them, it only took 3 hours to take 2 engines out and put my engine back in.

Yesterday Chris and I spent the day finishing it, installing the new uprated manifold, cutting huge louvre grills in the body and getting plumbing and electrics finished. See pictures!

Its now running, but i'm not driving it until it is mapped properly. It is fuelling for a 1300, so will be very lean.

See my belated previous post for details on the racing....and why this all happened :)