Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
New Exhaust


May 20 2008 - New Exhaust
Absolutely Awesome, I'm blown away! Its like a new car! Mid range and top end power are much improved, i accidentally kept hitting the rev limiter, it got there that much quicker without groaning from being suffocated.

Kevin from Zero exhausts was great, really recommend him. He created me a new stainless straight through can, plus modification to the manifold for £150+vat. Looks lovely- see pics.

Wilsonch- Kevin tells me your XTR is due a visit soon :)

In terms of noise, its louder and deeper at tickover (Nice!) and seems quieter at the top end. I'm very happy, sounds perfect.

Happy Happy Happy :) Bring on Lydden on Sat.