Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Track Day at Brands


May 13 2008 - Track Day at Brands
The day before the track day decided to try and solve the fuelling issues by destroying the cat. See pictures! SBD recommended that we did this, he said the problems sounded like an exhaust restriction.

Anyway, track day went on. Car handled like a dream, controlled drift out of corners was delightful, even without the front ARB connected. Did i mention that it snapped AGAIN? However the car was running terribly, down on power, and midrange fuelling terrible. A marshall came over to me to say that in his experience it was a blocked exhaust and it sounded like it was wheezing!

So I've come to the conclusion that my exhaust is partially blocked, not allowing sufficient flow. Steve at SBD first diagnosed this, then a marshall at Brands today. It breezed through its noise test (7db too quiet apparently!) and then just sounded like its being suffocated all the time.

This probably explains a lot of things! Being out-dragged by a 125bhp car was not amusing :(

So... i'm getting ZERO exhausts to make me a new one at the weekend. Lets hope that fixes it!!