Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Second day of prep


April 13 2008 - Second day of prep
Had a really good day today, i'm really getting through the car's to-do list and covering off some of the niggles that have been bothering me for ages.

After much fettling, we got the speed sensor sorted.  Getting the gap correct on the bolts was very difficult, and tuning the correct pulses per minute for the speed took ages too.

Next, i wired in the immobiliser key-lock.  This just cuts off the fuel pump, and its really as useful for me as it is as an anti-theft thing.  Means i can cut off the fuel and leave the electronics running without killing the battery too quickly.  At the same time, I also installed an on/off switch for the computer on the dash.

We then replaced the clutch fluid with some 'racing' stuff from halfords.  God knows whether its any good or not, but hopefully it will help with the clutch slipping problem when it gets hot.  Presumably caused by the old fluid expanding.

I then installed the transponder in the front of the car - that's going to be used to record laptimes when racing.  I managed to feed this off the 'washer bottle' feed and connect that behind the dash.

Finally, we took off the camera mount and Chris is going to have a go at sorting that out over the week.  It unfortunately developed a case of the sags!

I've now ordered some quick release fittings for the scuttle and dash so i can whip it on and off a bit quicker!