Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield


April 12 2008 - Shopping
The car needs to be race-prepared, so i have a big shopping list.  Here's what i've ordered from the good old internet:

* Fire extinguisher.  Dual plumbed in nozzle with electric release
* Throttle return springs.  2 of these required to stop the throttle sticking open.
* MSA Sticker Pack.  All the regulatory stickers
* Graphics & Bling.  Well it can't be a plain black race car, can it ?!!
* Rookie Sticker.  The yellow background and black cross. Needed until i've done 10 races.
* Transponder.  So they can record lap times automatically
* Video recorder.  Solid state DVR so I can record images and sounds of the racing
* New fluids.  I'm replacing all hydraulics with some high-temp stuff.  The current fluid has been left in the open and expands when hot.