Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Towhook & Trailer


January 22 2008 - Towhook & Trailer
This update's a bit late, but here goes anyway....

Spent the whole of saturday fitting the tow hook, i was really surprised how difficult it was and how useless the instructions are. We ended up removing the entire insides of the boot area, wall panels and all... the outside bumber, the inner metal bumper, and then fitting the new hook. I then had to dremel a huge slot in the bodywork. End result, totally hidden removable bar. Great!

On the megabusa, sunday was spent installing some oil plumbing, i'll get some photos in the next few days. Unfortunately the -12 JIC connectors are so large, they actually don't fit in the space between the sump and the tank! I've ordered some push fit ones which hopefully will :)

Today the trailer got delivered, and we immediately went down to Kent to pick up James' new scirocco. Towing the empty trailer was barely noticeable, even at high speeds, but once the 1000kg car was loaded on, it was much worse, i barely went above 60mph. At one point, we had a bit of a weave which was very nerve racking!