Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
First Day's Work 2008


January 13 2008 - First Day's Work 2008
Some good progress on my first day back.

Firstly, finished the cooling system, filled and tested it... quickly correcting a leak caused by not tightening a jubilee clip! The electric pump is now low enough to prime itself and it works great. The pump has a band around it, and is then cable tied to an oil pipe, just giving it enough rigidity to stop it banging around.

I then finished the fuel pipes, using the new braided pipe and anodised blue pipe ends. Mostly cosmetic, but provides some protection for the fuel pipe. I still need to clip various bits of the pipe down a bit better, but i'll do that later when i tackle the electrics.

I then trial fitted the oil tank. I drilled four holes in the tank, marked through to the chassis rails, and drilled those too. I then fitted M6 rivnuts, and fitted vibration mounts onto those. Its now sat on four blocks of rubber and has a nice amount of vibration movement. All the connectors for the tank are on order, so i can't connect it up just yet.

I then refitted the battery tray and battery, and fitted rivnuts for the new oil catch tank. This is then fitted in place.

It all still looks a mess because most things aren't clipped in place. I still need to sort the electrical earths out, and need to carry the pump's power lines into the scuttle- once these are done i can clip everything back together.