Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Almost back together


December 8 2007 - Almost back together
I spent the day doing more plumbing and wiring.  Water system is complete, constructed mostly of Samco silicon hoses.  I gave it a test fill and ran the electric pump.  This seems fine although the pump is a bit 'rattly'.

Next i ran the -12 pipe from sump-oil cooler, which is quite a long run, starting at the back of the engine and going to the very front of the car.  The trouble with -12 size hose is that its quite inflexible, and a pain to run.

I then replaced all the vacuum hoses with blue silicon.  This, i admit, is *utterly* pointless, but hey!  I then replaced half the fuel hoses with braided ones, i didn't order enough ends, so i'll get some more ordered.  I got to test out my new Rivnut gun when fitting the fuel regulator.  Its so much better than bolting through the chassis, i wish i'd bought one before.

Its looking very bling, lots of blue & silver.  Pointless, but great.  No pictures today, i'll try and get some tomorrow!

I'm ordering the new Simpson exhaust can now too - a 7" one, quieter, but with no cat.  Dimensions as follows:

A = 27"    (length of main can)
B = 2.5"   (inner pipe size to manifold)
C = 2"      (length of pipe welded to can that connects to manifold)
D = 2.5"   (outer pipe size of manifold - not sure why this would difer)
E = 1.5"   (length from bracket bolt to rear of can)
F = 4"      (actual tailpipe length)

Still got lots to do, from the electrical to the oil system.  Oil tank's been ordered and should be delivered this week hopefully, once i've ordered a few -12 connectors i should be able to fill with oil and water, and run the engine.  Still to do:

* Bolt down the engine, including the bottom 'bar'
* Bleed clutch
* Finish wiring
* Wire in the ignition amplifier & configure ECU - for the water pump
* Take a feed from block temperature into Dash2/Datalogger.  Air temp too, just for fun.
* Figure out why CAN interface doesn't work (still...)
* Run fat earth cable to connect all earth points
* Wire in a big charging socket
* Connect alternator through FIA cutoff switch
* Refit exhaust manifold
* Probably something else that's really important  :)