Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Engine Out


November 18 2007 - Engine Out
An early start this morning, I plan to remove the old engine.

Firstly we had to remove the clutch line, wiring harness, main battery cable, oil pressure capillary, prop shaft bolts, water lines, oil lines.  Once all that was free, we then unbolted the engine.

Chris and I set up a hoist from the roof beams of the garage and gently raised the engine up about 12".  We then lowered the car on its Jack and the engine gracefully lifted free.  The two of us then lifted it and lowered it to the floor - whilst heavy, 2 people can manage it without too much trouble.

Having removed the engine, i set about preparing the new one doing the following:

* Fitting the clutch slave cylinder
* Removing the PAIR valve and blanking the holes
* Blocking the old oil cooler attachment
* Remove the sump ready for the new one
* Remove the water pump ready for the oil pump to go in its place
* Fit the exhaust studs
* Remove the sproket and replace with drive flange

That's all the construction for today, can't do any more until the dry sump parts arrive.

Before heading off, I decided to remove the sump of the old engine and have a peek inside.  The sump pan had huge quantities of swarf and metal bits floating around, the filters were clogged with it too - looks like the remains of bearings and shells.  We then had a poke about with a screwdriver and found conrod #3 had about 10mm of play on the crank!  The banging noise must have been the crank and conrod banging against each other.  The crank shows some sign of blueing from the heat, hopefully both it and the conrod are OK.  I'm not going to rebuild for a while, perhaps next january/febuary.